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Computer Vision is Changing the World: Find Out How

29 Dec 2019 10:30



Join our CEO, Marty Beard, with Lead Robotics and AI Researcher at Seafloor Systems, Marcos Barrera, and Co-founder & Managing Partner at Editek, Leo Cohen, to discuss computer vision and how it is dramatically improving customer insights and competitive advantage for businesses around the world.

The alwaysAI platform has over 12,000 computer vision developers that are building and deploying CV applications on the edge! These developers have created over 3,500 projects that provide incredible insight into this new world of AI.

As a result, we have identified some interesting use case patterns and want to share how our community is leveraging alwaysAI and computer vision to transform their business and the world!

This webinar is ideal for developers, managers, C-suite officers, and anyone assessing computer vision as part of their enterprise's digital transformation.

How to Join?

Our webinar will be hosted on Zoom. For details about how to join, add this invitation to your calendar!

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What you'll need:

An alwaysAI account, sign up here

 About alwaysAI:

alwaysAI brings deep learning computer vision (CV) to embedded devices. We provide developers an easy-to-use platform to quickly build and deploy deep learning CV applications on IoT devices like cameras, drones, wearables, robots, and transportation units. We give intelligent sight to these devices and enable them to autonomously make smart decisions in real-time.

Learn more at

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